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Welcome to a new season in Bergsøy IL, with some new faces, some new ideas, some new concepts but we hope the same fantastic support, engagement and development for 2019. We want to start with a concept of a “Coaches Blog” to keep everyone updated on all the movements within both the first team and any others news Bergsøy related. As you may have already, the blog is in English! Bad of me I know, my written Norwegian being to poor to portray my thoughts, ideas and opinions. Ultimately that is my goal for this blog to keep you all “in the circle” with developments within our club. I will be asking Frank Sverre to also contribute to this blog... I hope that will at least be in Norwegian!

This blog will probably be longer than most, due to being the first one. But I will try to keep it short and clear! A little about myself as I may be a unrecognised face to some. I moved to Norway 5 years ago to Volda. Beforehand, I had been studied at the University of East London specialising in Pedagogy in Sport, continuing to gain my teaching qualification and taught in West London in Harlesden (most noticeable the home of Wembley Stadium). After a 4 year period in Volda I moved to Hødd as a spillerutviklar, working with G16, Team Søre, Kretslag etc. A good experience and I do wish Hødd the best of luck in very difficult times! But for me, moving to Bergsøy is an exciting move and we are working hard to build an exciting season.

As this goes out, we have had the fantastic news about two important players for us who have just signed new contracts with Bergsøy. A double bonus for us with Petter, that he has also signed up not only as a player for us, but also as a keeper coach for the young keepers in the club. It will be fantastic to use his knowledge and understanding to develop a very specialised position for players in the club. And of course Franjo, not only an important player in the team but an important figure in the club as an ambassador. We hope to keep building on the good news.

We started back at our trainings this week, and I think both players and coaching staff are excited to get going. Personally, I’m very happy to have Frank Sverre alongside me to help take our team to have a successful season. His knowledge of the club in incomparable and will benefit the young players we have here. Having taken over the team only recently, Morten has done a fantastic job arranging friendlies at a time when most clubs have their friendlies organised. Our line up is currently Spejkavik (22.02 Away), LGFK (08.03 Home), Hødd (22.03 TBC), Herd (06.04 Away) and Volda (17.03 Home). Between this we have also entered into OBOS Cup, a new concept from Sunnmøre NFF in 2019 in a league cup style competition for 4. Division and below. 3 group games before the season, and the knock out rounds during the course of the season. This will give the players another opportunity of success, allow for us to rotate and offer more game time to more and an arena where we could see some young local talent have an impact on our A-Lag. And finally, NM Cup away to Ørsta. These cup competitions are always exciting! This game must be played before 24.03.19.

On the pitch, I have quite a clear philosophy of how we want to play this season. This has been delivered to the players and was received well. For you guys who support us, we want to dominate and control games. Our trainings are based around a clear understanding of work ethic in gjenvinning to have the ball, regain possession quickly and to take up good positioning where we can keep the ball for longer periods than the other team and to find effective possession (knowing when to break the line to go forward and when to keep the ball). These are decision making skills, and is key theme in our training sessions allowing players to improve their decisions on and off the ball. At the end of the day, it is the players on the pitch that must make that split second decision and that’s what makes the difference between success and failure. I cant be there in that split second! But what I can do is create a competitive and opposed training practices to develop the speed and accuracy of those decisions which ultimately, will have the biggest affect on the game. I hope that this will create exciting and entertaining football for 2019!

I could keep writing, but will keep it as this for now. I could cover much more, but feel I have written an essay already. As I am at the stadium most days and most hours, please feel free to come down and say hello either during the week or matchday! We look forward to it!

Heia Bergsøy!

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